Top 10 Workflow Automation Software Features

The selection of a workflow automation software often turns to a complex procedure that requires time and effort. Many software solutions namely offer business process management with workflow automation, but not all can offer the same functionality. 

Which are the features that make the Workflow Automation software suitable for your company?


1. Easy Modeling

To run effective workflows, you must be able to easily create the flow scenario and have ready-made connection tools. Easy workflow modeling and a nice user interface with drag and drop functionality will make the implementation of complex workflows a lot easier.

2. Workflow Templates

The ability to save workflows as workflow templates will be lifesaving when you will need to automate similar or repetitive processes. Workflow templates will help you keep execution standards among different business departments and reduce implementation time.

3. Custom Fields & Custom Forms

A flexible workflow automation software should allow you to create custom fields and insert custom forms, as part of the workflow tasks and sub-processes that need to be filled in with particular date, connecting one step with another.

4. Smart Notifications

Smart notifications are sent to keep the people involved informed of the workflow status and ensure that tasks will start and end on time, which can be received on PCs and Mobiles/ Tablets.

5. Document Management

A workflow automation software that includes a document management system may have amazing benefits, like attaching requirements and deliverables to the workflows, link files to tasks and access all the information required when executing a task.

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6. Social Collaboration

Collaboration in a bpm means offering open channels of communication and file sharing between people working on associated tasks. Collaboration in business process management can improve significantly productivity and optimize cost by minimizing execution times and human errors.

7. Role Base Access Rights

To ensure that not all information is accessible by all people or departments, choose a tool with role based rights. Role based rights define not only the information you can access, but the ability to edit, approve or confirm the completion of a task.

8. Prioritization & Scheduling

In large corporations where multiple departments collaborate and work on the same projects it is essential to be able to prioritize processes, separate them by categories and take control of the most important first.

9. Relation with KPIs

The key element of workflow automation, is performance maximization. As such each Workflow should be related, on the process level, with the corresponding KPIs, providing live tracking of the progress on the strategic targets. (ie. Prepare 25% faster the pallets for shipment, in 2018)

10. Reports & Analytics

Exporting reports and process analytics is vital on workflow optimization, and should be quick and easy. Strong reporting and live KPIs monitoring offers the vehicle for continuous improvement of each workflow, from the business perspective.


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