System Administration - User Fields and User Forms


Sometimes, fields that are available in Components creation need to be more personalised to business needs. System Administrators can create User Fields that can be used in Generic Process, Opportunity, Campaign, Issue, Ticket, Project, Task, Account, Contact, Lead, Survey, Event, Topic and Work Package Forms.


Creating a new User field

In order to create a new User field, you should navigate to User Fields Unit from System Administration package. Then, Pressing the "+" button, create user field form opens.

You can select in which Record type you would like to add this user field, add a Column Name (in one word), set Label, Type and any other information that suits your choice.

Create User Field


Creating a new User Form

All User Fields should be a part of a User Form. In order to create a new User Form, you should be a System Administrator.

First, you need to give a Title in the new User Form and associate it with a Record Type

Create User Form

Then, you should drag-n-drop all 1. database fields and 2. custom fields to Used fields list from Available fields List.

Create User Form 2


Using a User Form

As, we have just created a new User Form (i.e. related with Account Record type) and we have put our custom and database User fields, we should now be able to see it in any Record of this type (in this case, in any Account). 

1. Navigate in the related Record type (i.e.Accounts).

2. Click on the User Form, which is available in the tabs.

3. Click on "pencil" button to Edit the record.

4. User fields of that User Form are available here!

Check User Form


Example Scenario

Comidor provides with multiple fields that can be used in all important Record types. Still, you may want to add some important information in that specific Record type, that you would not like to be a part of a Description or inside a linked file. Custom fields can be put in User forms and help you add and monitor specialized info, easily and quickly!