Automation - Notification Scenarios


Comidors' Notification Scenarios can be triggered in specific conditions that users define. On top of that, notification can be linked with Processes in order the user to be able to notify the selected recipients upon a specific Process category. Pre-selected users will be notified in upon a specific Notification Scenario. There is also a probability to be notified by Email and/or SMS.


Creating Notification Scenarios:

In order user to create a new notification scenario, he must click on the plus button so to associate a process category to a notification scenario. A new pop-up window will open in which user can fill in all the appropriate data like the description, the category, admins and the condition. The last one is the trickiest one as user can choose between several options like on/before/ after/ when and completion/ time which must be combined properly to reach the desired results.

Creating a new Notification Scenario

Managing Notification Scenarios:

Back to the Notifications scenarios main menu users can do several actions like:

1. Click on one or more scenarios and choose between Deleting, Printing and Exporting them.

2. Search and find whatever they are looking for by applying the right filters or navigating in the folders depending on the category of notification scenarios.

Searching and viewing options

3. Lastly, click on their desired Notification Scenario and navigate in its new tab.

a. Check the summary, which includes all the basic information, and create or monitor notes and tags.

b. Click on the Action Button and delete this Notification Scenario.

c. Finally, click on the pencil to edit this Notification Scenario.

Options inside a notification scenario

Example Scenario:

You need to know exactly when a customer paid you the 75% of his total bill, in order to continue your cooperation with him. In order to be always notified for its actions and his percentage of completed payment, you can go to notification scenarios and schedule one depending on your needs. Provided that this notification is highly important to you, you choose "High Importance" and "Notify by email and SMS". Furthermore, you set your conditions and save your scenario.