Automation - Process scheduling


Comidor can help you manage your processes and avoid losing valuable time on rescheduling a repetitive process. Process Scheduling does exactly this. It provides users with the opportunity to create a process which will be repeating continuously without assuming its creators' valuable time.


Create a scheduled process:

Starting as always, User can click on the plus button and start creating a new process. After filling all the appropriate info like title, type, the assignees etc., user does not bump into anything uncommon.

. Creating a new process

What will surprise User is a field called Repetition which was only on Tasks forms. The singularity of this process type is that user can choose between countless repetition plans which can be modified by them.

Repetition in a process

After user creates the new Process it will began by its own without wasting users time. Would it be perfect if you were late for work and your co-workers were not waiting for you because of this process? We're sure it would be! Think all the unlimited options which Process Scheduling provides to Users.

Remember! Users can not add tasks in the beginning of this type of process but when the process starts they can do.

Managing Process Scheduling:

Back to Process Scheduling main menu user can do multiple actions like:

1. Click on the action button in order to print or export the displayed Processes,

2. or choose between four different viewing options, which are List, Chart, 2D and 3D analysis.

Viewing options and action button

3. Search and find whatever they are looking for by applying the right filters or navigating in the folders depending on the category of this process

4. and click on one or more entities to choose between deleting or linking them.

Action button and multi selection inside process scheduling

5. Lastly, click on your desired process and navigate in its new tab

a. Check the summary, which includes all the basic information, the activity history and create or monitor links and tags.

b. Click on the Action Button and choose among deleting, printing, linking and creating a new notification.

c. Finally, click on the pencil to edit this Scheduled process.

Edit,Action button and Main menu inside a scheduled process

Example Scenario:

As a Financial Manager you would like to set a meeting every last working date of each month. You don't have the time to schedule one by one the meetings and you don't need to! Quickly, go to process scheduling and set a meeting depending on your preferences. You have won valuable time which you can spend on something else.