Automation - Process Templates


Process Templates gives you the opportunity to have all your standardized processes in one place and have the guidelines to follow a very specific company's procedure.


Creating a Process Template

User can create a new Process Template by clicking on the plus button. After that, a new tab will open so user can fill in all the appropriate data. Like in a normal process User has to type the title, the basic info, set the scheduled data, make the appropriate linkings etc. What worth to be mentioned is that in that moment user must choose process type.

Creating a new process template

Edit and Monitor a Process Template

When Users click on a Process template they can:

1. Check its Summary, in which they can find its basic information and Description.

Summary inside a Process template

2. Add and edit its tags,

Tags pop up

3. and Click on the Action button to Print this template.

Printing a process template

Back to the Process Templates main menu, there are plenty of actions which Users can do like:

1. Search and find whatever they are looking for by applying the right filters or navigating in the folders.

2. Choose between four different viewing options, which are List, Chart, 2D and 3D analysis.

Viewing options,filters and multi selection inside a process template

3. Click on one or more templates to delete them.

4. Click on the Action Button and choose between Exporting or Printing these templates.

Action button and multi selection inside a Process template

After user has created his first template depend on from the type which he had chosen he can find his template with several ways. If the chosen type is Generic process two options are available, by clicking on the generic process tab and while creating a new one choose the one from template and secondly, with clicking on Processes inside Quick Add. As far, all the other types they can also be found when user creates a new process in each category and on Quick Adds> Processes but only after choosing Create from Template.