Comidor Extra Features and Premium Services


Comidor Free Plan offers quite a lot of functionality, however, you may upgrade to Enterprise Plan to gain access to:

 Comidor File Storage
 Chat and Video Calls
 Website Analytics
 Extended CRM Campaigns
 Guest Users


Select which Services Upgrades are suitable for your needs:


Your employees will be trained by B-Open’s Certified Comidor Trainers and go through Comidor’s official training material, Comidor’s best practices and Comidor’s tips&tricks for better and faster transition from your legacy system into Comidor. The Comidor Trainers are senior professionals with vast experience across diverse industry sectors and as such, can also perform special business operations analysis and provide useful consulting inputs.

 Premium Support

Run your company smoothly. Enjoy the benefits of premium support with direct chat, ticket prioritization and dedicated agents.

 Premium Cloud Services

Comidor can be implemented in-site (onPremise) and on the public Cloud, but additionally there can are options of private/hybrid Cloud implementations, various data back-up plans, encrypted data plans, dedicated VCs and more. Feel free to contact us for more details.


Comidor covers a broad spectrum of business activities with its thousands of input fields, links and automations. Still, your business is unique and Comidor Customization is the best solution to make Comidor fit like a glove to your business needs!

For more specific needs, Comidor can be extended with Industry-Specific modules. If that sounds too much, keep in mind that Comidor Team has ALREADY delivered: Comidor Health, Comidor Auto, Comidor Public and Comidor Academia. We can deliver solutions that can give you a huge competitive advantage in your market sector and bring you on the top!


One of Comidor’s advantages is that it is open to integration. Since Comidor runs on B-Open’s proprietary platform jPlaton, you can understand that our developers have huge experience in programming the platform and there are no outsourcing delays. Your legacy systems can be connected to Comidor and you can enjoy business continuity and integration to the maximum.

Comidor can be connected to any kind of database giving you the advantage of reusing your existing infrastructure and architecture set-ups, minimizing cost and personnel workloads.


Take your company to a new level of automation, process efficiency and employee collaboration. The Comidor Team is right next to you to analyze and consult on the development of new Applications for your business. ­­­­

 CiRANO IDE (Cloud Development Platform)

B-Open is proud to offer CiRANO, a state-of-art Cloud Development Environment with modeling, user management, composition, documentation and repository tools. Feel free to contact us for more!­­­­

 Private Label

Promote your brand by taking advantage of Comidor’s Private Label option.



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