Skimming through the fresh Features of Comidor 4.01

The newest version of Comidor, Comidor 4.01 is here to provide you with Business Processes' creation and monitoring with boosted Notification and Repetition systems, which will help your team become more effective and speedy than before. 


Our main goal was to enhance the task and process handling with immediate acts and automated tools that could be adopted by any company culture. 


The new features and goals:

check “Home Dashboard” unit (find more on Home Dashboard

The era of all-in-one homepage is here and available for everyone, even for the Free plan users. Most important actions can be performed with one or a few clicks from this basic page. Users have immediate access to their non-completed Business Processes, Emails and Tasks.


check “Processes” unit (find more on Processes)

The needs of handling and linking multiple tasks concerning one topic from multiple users on the same time lead to the creation of this unit. Processes improve collaboration system between teams and work-groups and help keeping the team members on-track and notified.

Better monitoring by supervisors and greater involvement of employees are achieved. Users have the option to check the size of their work, their current effort on process completion and how much of the work has been done.




Also, we have: 


check “Notification Scenarios” unit and implemented Repetition system

Prepare yourself for any inconvenient or important situation. As a part of Business Automation Tools, these scenarios can be triggered in specific conditions that users define. On top of that, notification can be linked with Processes in order the user to be able to notify the selected recipients.

Some tasks and processes are repetitive and their automation provides user with the ability to schedule and track a repetitive procedure. There is an established Repetition Option in each task or process and, additionally, when this is combined with the new unit “Process Templates”, it helps using business process management the right way.


check Improved User Interface

In Comidor we strike the right balance between the control buttons that are showed at first and the rest of the controls. The main aim is to improve user experience and make Comidor an easy-to-use tool.

We provide you with quick actions, such as handling the process state through your Home Dashboard, having internal communication inside a specific Process and relate an Email from a specific Customer with a Process or Task.


We will be happy to hear your thoughts about the updated Comidor; so we are waiting for your feedback.

Stay tuned for future releases!






Last modified onWednesday, 20 January 2016 15:13