What's new in Comidor Version 4.02!


Comidor 4.02 comes with some re-designing in packages, new units, new features, bugs fixing and a brand new website!!!

Our packages are slightly re-arranged with some old Units moved to other packages and some NEW Units introduced. We had in our mind to keep efficiency high and organize your work in a way that you may find everything you want and explore some old gems (features) that were somehow "hidden".


Key points to share:

 Six-pack to Success (aka Packages):

Comidor Packages


 4 New Units to explore:  


 3 New Features: 

Gantt Chart available in any type of Process :  Organize better your plan in any Process (Campaign, Event, Opportunity, Project, Survey, Ticket, Topic or Vacation).

Lead conversion to Account/Contact :  Convert a lead to an Account and/or Contact simply in 1-click.

Report on Project Completion : When Gantt chart becomes overdosed, an alternative way of knowing and having visualized each phase’s completion is that new report!


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Stay ahead of the new features. Cool


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